Friday, September 7, 2012



This is the beginning of a new adventure of publicly sharing my knowledge of home improvement as well as projects I'm currently working on or have worked on. 

As a Do It Yourself Coach I go to a client's home and help them through a project-- Planning, evaluating the structure, determine any possible pitfalls or hazards along with how to avoid them, proper materials, preparation, techniques, safety and any other questions they may have. I am a consultant, not a contractor so I don't do the job for you, instead I answer questions and help you get a successful result.

Not everyone has the resources or desire to hire a contractor to do the project for you or the experience to do it all alone. That's where I come in. This will be filled with tips, new materials, tools, new technologies, interviews with influential people and anything else that may help you, the homeowner, get the most bang for your buck.

Stay tuned and bookmark this. It should be fun.



  1. Well, Heck Howdy Mech! Being a DIY guy myself, I look forward to sharing your knowledge and humor. Allow me to be question #1:

    Just laid the last bit of raw Red Oak in our upstairs hallway. Sealed it with Watco and it looks great. I would normally use a paste wax for final protection and a nice gloss.

    Problem: A 185# Saint Bernard, clumsy as they are, and not wanting him tumbling down the stairs with me or Wife in tow.... Slippery is not good.

    What to do? I want a gloss, but also fairly sure footing. Fine silica mixed in the wax? Or something already mixed?

    Have At Ye, Varlet! ;)

  2. You KNOW I'm going to have you on "speed dial" once the big work begins at The Asylum, right?

    Poor mech...:)

  3. Welcome to the blog-o-spere, mech.

    I'm currently living in a friend's house. As near as we could tell, it was built in 1880. Second and third floor sag, roof leaks, original electricity died.

    You're on my list o' resources.

  4. Poor mech, SondraK's got him on speed-dial.

    Like any of the rest of the Porch Minkees are gonna feel sorry for you...

    But looking forward to the reading. Maybe get me motivated to finish a myriad of DIY renovations here at Casa Gimp.

  5. Thanks much all, Especially SondraK for the turbo charged debut. 128 page views since this morning, only 2 not from sondrakistan.

    I'll be making changes as time goes on to make it more user friendly. It's sort of like learning to drive standard the first time, but I should be able to start on hills soon.

    Oh and content, on the way, beginning with Howlsatmoon's floor.

  6. Ok -- so what's the bestest, most nothing-bleeds-thru-from-underneath primer there is?

    I have a kitchen[ish] area that was smooth coated about 10 years ago and I'm finally ready to paint.

    [shaddap. It's a Fort - not a house.]